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be splendidly imperfect.

my life at it's finest.

10/28/07 09:25 pm

i quit.
i dont have the time to talk to myself about pointless things,

10/9/07 04:47 pm - holy jeezus

i haven't been on lately.
maybe it's cause of school?
or just cause theres really not that much to do on livejournal.

ah well.
so recaping on the week i missed.
went to a dance.
ahaha funny stuff.
and gah it's been like two weeks.
and lately, i've been feeling like a huge nerd.
like no one even knows/cares who i am. 
but then my friends make up the slack.
it's what i do best.

9/30/07 01:18 pm - fuck this i'm going home.

i hate when people think for me
even when it's not anything like i would say.
who knows maybe i'll be spontanious and act different to your standards.
and i also hate
how the whole freaking world focuses on getting a bunch of friends.
seriously people in about 35 years, no ones gonna give a shit about how many friends you've had
maybe i'm just the odd one out.
who never sees things clearly.
i don't know.
and i don't know why i should bother.

9/29/07 11:11 am - dancing in the moonlight

i really really hate how everyone like talks to so many people and can make a friendship with them in like a week and a half,
yet i take ages to trust or get used to someone.
or maybe it's just cause i'm too shy?
i don't know. seriously.
i feel like i'm getting left behind by society in my little lonely world.
but oh well.
i'd rather have a couple few close friends
than have a million distant ones.
i know it's so cliche.

9/18/07 04:37 pm - PL0X

i'm happy
haha i feel so bad when i get all this birthday stuff
and yet i want more.
i am so greedy.
ah well today was pretty sweet, i wore the birthday crown, 
and my friends made a birthday cake for me. =D
well yep.
thats just what i wanted to rant about,
of how we celebrate age as a good thing.
silly humans.

9/13/07 06:43 pm - sgjdlkdssd

sorry i haven't been on much.
god school is so demanding,
and it's only like the third week
oh joy.

anyways, my birthdays in five days! yey!
i can't wait
but i don't get a party cause i got a cell phone as a gift.
but oh well. cell phones kick parties's asses. hah
but now i realy need to start using it more. pah.
well there's not much to say but it still feels like it should be summer.
i have no idea why. usually by this time of the month i'd be right into the school
routine, but i'm not.

ah well, only in time will i be accoustomed.
i already have my halloween coustume!
and it's only like, september.=D
go me, go me!

9/8/07 11:03 pm - why should i try?

you know i just don't know what to think.
it turns out that one of the people you know most
can change just in an instant.

that your "best" friend can be your "worst" enenmy.
even when they blame something on you and say 
"you act so retarded"
and then they go and do it the next day.
when you try to be a friend thats nice and considerate, and never disagrees
it never works out.
because one friend will get to powerful than the other, and wallah!
you've got a slave.
but on the other hand, if your too pushy with a person, then they will get mad
at you for pressuring them too much.
humans are too unbalanced.
it's kind of sad that we take advantage of each other and waste our lives 
in a big bitch fight.

even after you apologize, things rarely go back to being balanced.
so why do we bother with these things?
just pure untouched pride.
humans are you prideful. we take to much honor in ourselves. 
i think that some people need to swallow their pride and admit that they are
acting like ass holes. 
especailly when they don't "know" that they were doing it.
because you do.

9/3/07 08:00 pm - labor day

so this weekend i was in michigan with my best friend
and my family. it was lots of fun, but then i realized, that it was the last weekend of summer.
and oh my god, do i hate winter.
when i grow up, i would love to move to a moderately warm place.

overall the trip was pretty fun, but i somehow caught a cold while there.
and now i feel like shit.
not to mention i'm having another of those days where you feel like shit for nothing.
damn i hate those.

and i'm not really looking to go to school tomorrow.
i wish i could stay home.
i hope i stay home.

8/28/07 01:17 pm - schoo, yo :]

okay so the first day of school was today :]
pretty sweet.
and i find it highly amusing that all the 7th graders are like OMGZ KISS FM AND HOLLISTER.
i really shouldn't be saying that, considering i was like that only a year ago.
but it was pretty good.
but my advice, don't wear adidas sandals. they freaking kill man.

and rawr someone needs to take me to the mall.
i need new shit. 


8/25/07 08:34 pm - falala

okay so i can't believe school is starting like
i still need some more school clothes!

ahah i was looking back on my e-mails and wow
i was so dorky last year.
but i guess i'll be saying the same thing next year too. 

R.I.P. summer 07 

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